Amethyst Enegy Generator

Code : EG#003

Gemstone : Amethyst

Weight : 35 ms Approx

Size  :  2.50 – 3 Inches

MOQ  :  5 Pcs

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  • 3 X 3 inches Amethyst Pyramid Extractor-Generator: A wonderful Healers Tool which brings near immediate relief, energy, and awareness. * awareness – temporarily heightens * clarity – becomes keen * emotions – work together * will and wit – strengthen It is said to be useful for: intellect, emotions and will – co-ordinatuing all three, psychic awareness and keeness of perception, details and connections become clear, clearing vision, Magickal belief, courage for the spiritual journey, and more… Height: 5/8 inches This is a Four Directions Quartz Crystal Energizer Generator, and WOW does it have energy. This is a great tool for energy and healing work. The center features a pyramid in the middle surrounded by four cut Black India Amethyst points.
  • Amethyst Pyramid Generator: The polished Amethyst points radiate energies outward, having the Sacred Geometry number of two – energies that develop motion and direct the flow.
  • The Amethyst Pyramid draws in power to the base and then creates from it very stable conditions. The base of the Pyramid is a square having the Scared Geometry number of four- stable and sure. The top of the Pyramid is a point – one – focused and still, the energies are intensified for a single purpose.
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