Chakra Orgonite Crystal Quartz Oval Shape Pendants

Code : ORP#0036

Gem stone  :  Orgonite

Size  :  30 – 40 mm

Weight  :  10 gms

MoQ  :  30 pcs

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  • This term orgonite derives from ‘orgone’, the term provided by Wilhelm Reich for essential energy discovered everywhere throughout nature.
  • Also known as “Chi”, “Prana”, “Ether”, “Élan Vital”, or “fifth element”, this vital energy exists in an organic way within a variety of types. It may be neutral (OR), positive (POR) or damaging (DOR = deadly orgone energy).
  • When positive, it enables living microorganisms to be found in a healthy condition. Reich did a great deal of research and research on the attributes as well as behaviors surrounding this subtle energy.
  • Reich constructed a powerful orgone accumulator from alternate levels of metal as well as organic material. He built a fabulous cloudbuster with which he could cause it to rain, and he witnessed how orgone radiation was capable of counteract nuclear radiation.
  • He died during his jail, after experiencing his laboratory and much of his written work incinerated by the government bodies, who feared what knowledge of this energy could possibly reveal.
  • We encourage you to join the Crofts in their mission to make the world a better place by “gifting” the environment with orgonite pieces.
  • The main function  is to clean stagnant and negative energy.  This has a multitude of beneficial effects.  I have listed some of the benefits of orgonite below.  These are reported benefits from orgonite users worldwide, and most of these effects have been confirmed by my own experience.



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