Meaning and Uses of Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Meaning and uses of Healing Crystal Dalmatian Jasper

General appearance

Rounded and triangular stone, opaque white with yellowish spots and mottled black in a fairly homogeneous way. It weighs what it seems, soft touch, it seems a Dalmatian.





Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo.

Blue Lace Agate Stone Meaning


The Dalmatian strengthens our ties in a generic way, whether through our union with the land, the family, but above all, in union with our friends. It has the property of reminding us why the people we care about the matter to us. Strengthen our virtues, thus improving our relationships with others and our environment. In addition, it also helps us to know ourselves more deeply, encouraging us to strive to be better through the necessary emotional and physical balance. It helps us find our place in the world, which is right where we are, as long as we feel good about ourselves.


Strengthens the immune system and solves physical disorders.


On the coronary chakra, it works very well with soft energy stones, such as rose quartz or amethyst.


Place on the altar and pray to the higher entities to keep the group together, and strengthen their ties before the obstacles that may endanger their friendship.

Healing Massage Wands

Cleaning and recharging

Anyone is worth.

Dalmatian Jasper stone also is known as “Dalmatian Stone” is a grounding stone, in terms of the Earth and in realism. It eliminates disenchantment, helping one to see their strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Dalmatian stone brings a sense of fun to one’s life and helps to growth loyalty in relationships. It cleanses the blood and boosts the immune system.

Dalmatian Jasper History and Uses:

This stone’s name is derived from its resemblance to the black and brown spotted Dalmatian dogs. It was referred to in ancient Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Assyrian texts where it was used as a protection amulet, it was believed to warn the wearer of danger and to fortify the spirit.

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