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Looking for wholesale new age products? Shop the best collection of spiritual gemstone products include Palm Stones, Agate Angels, Pyramids, Pendants, Reiki, 7 Chakra Stones Bracelets, Healing Sticks, Spheres, Pendulums, Trees, Orgonite Energy Products, Skulls, Arrowheads, and new age stones for holistic wellness.

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Prime Agate Exports

The company has been providing agate stones and semiprecious stones since 1970. In our role as manufacturers and exporters of wholesale metaphysical products, we collect raw crystals from many mines in Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and other places. We craft crystals and handmade healing products from high-quality minerals. We use only natural crystals that have been ethically sourced to create all of our products. If you are looking for wholesale metaphysical supplies in your country, you can contact us, or you can order our collection online.

We offer a variety of innovative and high quality New Age, Metaphysical, and Holistic gifts in our Best Sellers section. Check out our selection of orgonite products, chakra products, therapeutic sage smudge sticks, and more. With our extensive collection of wholesale spiritual, health, and wellness products, you are able to offer your customers a wide range of choices.

We also customize products based on our clients’ requirements using different shapes and crystals. If you have any custom requirements such as custom design bracelets, trees, pyramids, angels, pendants, Reiki, palm stones, or any other product, please contact us. We will provide you with the finest of our handcrafted services.

What Countries Do We Ship To?

Yes, we ship most items to Portugal, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Greece, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Croatia, Morocco, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Iceland, Peru, Colombia, Finland, Poland, Malaysia, UAE, Chile, Philippines, Costa Rica, Belize, Germany, Malta, Indonesia, Mexico, France, Argentina, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Cambodia, China, Jordan, USA, Kenya, Brazil, Cuba.