Healing Crystals: A Definitive Guide To All You Need To Know

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Healing Crystals: A Definitive Guide To All You Need To Know Ask yourself: What are you looking for in life? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or PTSD? Does your relationship lack compassion and happiness? I’m sure you’ve heard about the many benefits of using crystals for healing before – but when it comes to […]

Meaning and Uses of Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Meaning and uses of Healing Crystal Dalmatian Jasper General appearance Rounded and triangular stone, opaque white with yellowish spots and mottled black in a fairly homogeneous way. It weighs what it seems, soft touch, it seems a Dalmatian. Rarity Common. Provenance Mexico. Zodiac sign Cancer, Virgo. Blue Lace Agate Stone Meaning Attributes The Dalmatian strengthens […]

Green Prasiolite Stone Meaning and Uses

Quartz or Green Prasiolite Stone

Meaning and Uses of Healing Crystal Green Prasiolite Stone General appearance Opaque or translucent stone, never transparent. Often confused with green aventurine, however, green quartz is much lighter, less bright and tends to tones ranging from intense green to blue-green. It may present translucent, white or milky intrusions. Porous, touch resembles lepidolite. It is usually […]

PEARL Meaning and Uses

PEarl MEaning and uses

Meaning and uses of Pearl First name Pearl comes from the Latin “perna” (ham) referring to the shape of some of the pearls mollusk’s. This term has been used since the eighteenth century. Previously the English called to the Pearl with the name of “unioni” (of the Latin “unio”, that means “unit” that is “a […]

PERIDOT Stone Meaning and Uses

PERIDOT Stone Meaning

Meaning and uses of Peridot Stone | Gemstone | Healing Crystal First name The etymology of the name Peridot has generated some confusion. Probably derives from the Arabic word “faridat” (gem), but another source finds it as derived from the Middle English word “peridote” (luminous dot, button) Chemical composition of Peridot The Peridot is an […]

Calcite Yellow or Golden Stone Meaning

Calcite Yellow stone

General appearance Common in carved shapes (egg, sphere, etc. …) and in pebbles. Straw yellow stone or yellow orange, bright and smooth. Generally opaque, but sufficiently translucent to perceive the bands and layers that form it, like waves or petrified waves inside the stone. Some stones are almost transparent. They have pecks and rough white […]

Blue Lace Agate Stone Meaning

Blue Lace Agate Stone

General appearance Soft and light stone, in very light blue tones, sometimes bordering on white. It shows stratified streaks that sometimes undulate throughout the drawing, alternating dark tones with clear ones, similar to agates. Unpolished comes in formation in the form of a flower or rose, with concentric or spiral veins that alternate shades of […]

Ametrine Stone Meaning and Uses

Ametrine Stone Meaning

Healing Crystals Ametrine Stone Ameaning and Uses General appearance Normally it usually comes in the form of small boulders, transparent, of a uniform purple color, to the naked eye very similar to an amethyst, but an orange spot can be seen. Soft, light and warm Sometimes it can have more orange than purple, or be […]

Amber Stone Meaning and Uses

Amber Stone Meaning

Healing Crystals – Amber Stone Meaning and Uses General appearance They are sold in pieces of gilded resin that resemble a piece of crystallized, translucent honey, traversed by cracks, dark spots, and impurities in general. Copies in jewelry, polished or jewelry are also communes. It is not crystalline, but organic, light, warm. It often has […]