300bds Multi Color Gemstone Tree

Code  :  TREE#005

Gem stone  :  Multistone

Size  :  10 – 11 Inch

Weight  :  400 Gms

MOQ  :  10 Pcs

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  • Each one is unique and has varying amounts of stones.
  • They come on a base of wood which also has little gems on it.
  • A Crystal tree is a pro-level tree which requires a high experience of woodcutting to be formed. It requires a minimum level of 90+ in Woodcutting to cut.
  • Normally only one crystal tree is active at one time, and will shift location arbitrarily every two hours. When they are active, the crystals at the base are much larger. The crystal tree’s re-spawn time is the same on every world, though the active location differs.
  • When carving the crystal tree, players may come across a crystal geode that may contain multiple honours such as crystal triskelion fragments, crystal seeds and valuable gems. Using tree-shaking scrimshaw or a superior tree-shaking scrimshaw increases the chance of obtaining drops by 300% and 400% respectively. A rabbit-foot necklace also increases the chances of obtaining drops.
  • One way of easily finding the crystal trees is by simply joining a friend chat devoted to chasing crystal tree locations which players may find in different worlds. In these, players can contribute their reports with other players that are also looking for active crystal trees and then, based on the hints given by spirit trees, players determine where crystal trees may spawn.
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