7 Chakra Orgone Layered Shiv Lingam

Code :  OSL#001

Gem stone :  Orgonite

Size  :  70 – 75 mm (Approx 3 Inches)

Weight  :  90 -130 gms

MoQ  :  5 Pcs

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                           7CHAKRA ORGONE LAYERED SHIVLINGAM

  • The  Shivlingm is a symbol of radiant white light energy. It is believed, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti) live in this stone. Crystal Shivling harmonize the aura around us and remove the negative energy with unlimited abundance and positive power.
  •   facts about Worship of Shiv Ling
  • Shiv Ling literally means the body of Shiv. Next to the symbol of Om, it is perhaps the most potent, powerful and popular symbol in the entire Hinduism. In almost all the Shiv temples, worship is generally made to Shiv Ling only. Very rarely we come across his images in the sanctum sanctorum of any Shiv temple.
  • A Shiv Ling is usually a round or cylindrical and protruding object. The cylindrical part is held firmly by a circular base.Mentally it symbolizes the union of mind and body. Spiritually it represents the union between Purush and Prakriti, the highest principles of the manifest universe.
  • The Shiv Ling is also symbolic of the Supreme Self. It is verily Maheshwar himself, the Highest Self and the Lord of the Universe. In this aspect it has three parts. The lower part represents Brahmaa. The middle part, which is octagonal in shape, represents Vishnu.
  • The upper part, which is cylindrical in shape, represents Rudra and is also called Poojaa Bhag since it receives the actual offerings of milk and other substances.The Shiv Ling are normally found installed in the temples.many devotees of Shiv keep them in their houses also and offer regular worship. People are however cautioned not to keep Shiv Ling in their houses without offering worship, since they are believed to be powerful sources of divine energy.
  • The round and smooth stones found in the river beds of the Narmadaa or the Godaavaree are considered to be the most ideal for worship. Some devotees wear Shiv Ling on their bodies or around their necks.
  • When Shiv Ling are found fortuitously in the river beds and desolate places, it is considered to be a great omen. They are housed in temples or houses and Offer Regular WorkShip.
  • Kindly note that since all our products are handcrafted and handmade there always exists slight or minor deviations in size, colour, shape and looks compared to photo. However, the Metaphysical Properties and Healing Qualities will be excellent.
  • The beauty of ORGONE is that it can be combined with various terminologies like Reiki, Usui, Karuna, Earth Elements, Arch Angel, Chokurei, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Pendulum Therapy, Massage Ball Therapy, Vastu Therapy, Chakra Sanskrit Therapy, Generator Effects, Merkaba Sets, Healing with Massage Sticks and Wands.
  • Orgone gives huge boost while working with above terms using gemstones and semiprecious stones. It works faster and better giving amazing benefits to human body compared to working with normal gemstones.
  • Let orgone help calm your ever-increasing stressful environment, whether it is home, work or school. Not only are they beautiful but they’re also a powerful tool to help physically, mentally and spiritually enhance your life and noticeably reduce negative energy.
  • We welcome Wholesale Inquires& also recommend Customized Orders. Please do feel free to mail us at info@PrimeAgate.com for more details.


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