Blue Aventurine 1Inch Angels

Code : AG#005

Gemstone : Blue Aventurine

Size : 25-30mm

Weight : 20 Grams

MOQ : 20 pcs

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  • This Blue Aventurine has been hand-cut and polished into the shape of an Angel with wings. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal make these powerful energy tools.
  • This Angel is available separately or in a set of seven chakra angels enclosed in a purple velvet bag.Blue Aventurine is a type of quartz that contains rutile or crocidolite, giving it its blue color.
  • Use Blue Aventurine as a protective charm by carrying one in your pocket. These wonderful Blue Aventurine Angels are powerful tools for activating the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.
  • Meditating with a Blue Aventurine Crystal may influence you to connect with your inner self, allowing for the recognition of your own psychic abilities.
  • Blue Aventurine combines the elements of Wind and Water in a gentle stone that resonates from the mind to the heart, working calmly, rationally, and steadily.
  • It enhances the masculine energy in both males and females, and is a stone of self-discipline and inner strength, assisting one in making clear decisions and sticking by them.
  • It promotes taking full responsibility for one’s life, relationships and experiences, while lending the support needed to empower change when the current reality isn’t working.
  • Blue Aventurine is particularly stimulating to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, ,opening one to higher spiritual guidance, and revealing psychic and intuitive abilities that may previously have been blocked. It encourages open and honest communication and speaking one’s mind and heart. This crystal not only embodies strength, but honors peace and caring for others. It is a stone sacred to the Glory Angel, Raphael – the ruler of Mercury and the Angel of Compassion, Knowledge, Progress, Repentance and Love.



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