Chakra Stones Energy Generator With Rose Quartz Antenna & Crystal Quartz Merkaba Star

Code  :  EG#0030

Gem stone  : Chakra Stones

Weight  :  75 Gms

Size  :  3.5 Inch

MOQ  : 10 Pcs

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  • Chakra means wheel of light in Sanskrit. The 7 chakra points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana. They are vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spine.
  • If the Chakra are unbalanced – not properly aligned or blocked – it can affect physical and mental health. The spiritual development is also connected with the good health of the Chakra.
  • The frequency of each stone’s energy is pulled through the chakras to realign, revitalize and replenish.
  • This Set includes 7 generator stones:
  • Red Jasper – Root Chakra (1)
  • Golden Quartz – Sacral Hara Chakra (2)
  • Red Aventurine – Solar Plexus Chakra (3)
  • Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra (4)
  • Lapis – Throat & Third Eye Chakras (5, 6)
  • Amethyst – Crown Chakra (7)
  • Blue Aventurine- All Chakras
  • How to use:-
  • -Keep it nearest to your entrance to protect from any negative vibes from outsiders
  • -Place it near the  working desk to have strong positive vibes
  • -Place it on dash board of your car for stress  free driving
  • -It helps in reducing the effect of electromagnetic radiations from the computer, cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Place them close to these generator for energy clearance


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