Dalmation Jasper 2Inch Angels

Code : AG#005
Size : 45-50mm
Weight : 25 Grams
MOQ : 20 pcs

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Dalmatian Jasper Angel
– This Dalmatian Jasper from India has been hand-cut and polished into the shape of an Angel with wings. These Dalmatian Jasper Angels make great gifts and are wonderful to use in meditation or for your energy work. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal make these powerful energy tools and many energy workers report finding a greater connection to their Angels and Guides.

Dalmatian Jasper (also known as Dalmatian Stone) is a wonderful stone to work with for those who are overly analytical. It helps the over-analyzer to ground and center all bodies (physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.) to maintain balance and connection with the etheric energies. Dalmatian Stone is a stone of service. It can be used by those in the Veterinary field to calm and soothe animals that are hurt and scared. It is a stone of service for all, reminding us that we can make a difference, no matter how small or large the act.

Dalmatian Jasper helps to harmonize the emotions and assists in maintaining composure, even under the most difficult circumstances. Dalmatian Jasper is a wonderful piece to use when you want to review and reflect on past actions and decisions, so if a similar situation has presented itself, you will be prepared to make a more informed choice.


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