Green Jade Orgone Energy Pyramid With Pencil Point


Code: OPY#0032

Gem Stone: Orgonite

Size : 60 – 70 mm

MOQ : 10 Pcs

Weight : 90 – 120 gms

7 Chakra Gemstone Orgone Layer Pyramid with Reiki Symbol is a stunning and unique piece that combines the power of gemstones and orgone energy to create a harmonious and balancing energy field. This pyramid is made of multiple layers of high-quality materials, including crystals and metals, that work together to create a powerful energy vortex. The pyramid is adorned with symbols of the 7 chakras, each represented by a different gemstone. The Reiki symbol adds an extra layer of healing energy to the pyramid, making it perfect for use in Reiki practices or for everyday use to promote positive energy and well-being.