Orgone Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid With Chakra Flower Of Life


Code: OPY#0079

Gem Stone: Orgonite

Size : 60-70 mm

Weight : 200 Gms Approx

MOQ : 15 Pcs

This beautiful Orgone Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid is a unique piece of spiritual decor that will add a touch of mysticism to your home. The pyramid is made of resin and features a stunning rainbow moonstone at its center. The Chakra Flower of Life symbol is engraved on the surface, symbolizing the seven energy centers within the body. The colors of the rainbow moonstone symbolize the seven colors of the chakra system, making this pyramid a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual growth. Use this pyramid as a focal point in your meditation space, or place it in a room to bring positive energy and balance to your life.