Red Carnelian 5Pc Geometry Set

Code :  OGS#002

Gem stone :  Orgonite

Size : 15 – 20 mm

Weight :  25 gms

MoQ  :  5 sets

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Like the unexpected fire of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance, Carnelian captivates. Its bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history.

A glassy, translucent stone, Carnelian is an orange-colored variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its color varies from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown, though it is most known for its brilliant orange and red-orange crystals. Its name comes from a Latin word meaning “flesh.”

In antiquity, as well as today, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. [Simmons, 92] Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies. In Egypt it was worn by master architects to show their rank of builder, and alchemists of the Middle Ages used it as a boiling stone to activate the energy of other Chalcedonies.


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