Red Jasper Eggs

Code : EG#005

Size : 45mm to 75mm

Weight : 100 to 400 Grams

MOQ : 2 kg

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  • These are cut and polished Red Jasper Eggs from INDIA. Jasper brings unity and balances yin and yang energies.
  • They are perfect to use in any healing session or in your meditations. The shape makes them convenient to put on a person during a session and they are small and able to fit into your pocket or crystal pouch.
  • Red Jasper is a very calming stone and stimulates the Root Chakra. Many Native American cultures consider Red Jasper to symbolize the blood of the Earth, and this tumbled stone is full of grounding Earth energy.
  • A gentle stone, Red Jasper works slowly but surely, and is a good stone to ground anyone overly sensitive to crystalline energy. Red Jasper is very encouraging, and aids in resolving difficult situations. It can also be used to ground and stabilize the Aura.


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