Red Jasper Skulls

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Size : 25 to 30 MM

Weight : 25 Grams

MOQ : 20 pcs

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The Red Jasper Crystal Skull, sometimes known as Poppy Jasper or Bracciated Jasper, is considered a stone with great protective energy. Many consider it to be a stone of justice.

“Red Jasper People” tend to have great passion and a strong connection with and respect for the earth. Many “Red Jasper People” pride themselves on being fair, rational, reasonable, and courageous. Their work is often behind the scenes, and they do not always get the recognition that they deserve.

In our society skulls are frequently associated with death; however, this was not always the case. Many ancient cultures viewed a crystal skull as a means of honoring life. The human skull was considered a symbol of great awareness. Skulls were the essence of humanity, often associated with time, power, and initiations. In Celtic cultures, skulls symbolized divinity, and were honored and revered. Skulls were thought to be the place where the soul resided.

When one of my stone skulls comes up during a Stone Reading, I usually suggest that the individual may be over-thinking something. It may be time to acknowledge how one “feels” rather than focusing exclusively on what one “thinks.” Although admittedly it is easier said than done, a message from this stone is often to do your best to avoid over-thinking, over-stressing, over-analyzing, and over-worrying! Relax and enjoy! Pay a little more attention to your “gut instincts” and what you feel in your heart! This stone sometimes indicates opportunities to connect with our divinity and spirituality!

I hope you have enjoyed this tidbit about Red Jasper, and that it has served as a little reminder that you, too, are a gem! Contact The Stone Lady for your personal Stone Reading to better understand specific stones that are aligned with you and your energy!

Rock On!!According to the Bible, jasper was said to be a direct gift from God. Ancient Egyptians used jasper to cure diseases, increase sexual energy, and promote beauty and grace. Jaspers have long been attributed magical powers in just about every culture. Known as the ‘warrior stone’, it gives strength, power and courage on all levels, and promotes survival in all ways. It is powerful for healing and protection, and deflects negativity. It eases stress, clears EMF and radiation. It inspires joy and motivation, and promotes justice and fairness.


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