Yellow Aventurine Skulls

Code : SK#008

Size : 25 to 30 MM

Weight : 25 Grams

MOQ : 20 pcs

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Crystal skull increase healing and courageous power in your life , Yellow Aventuruine Crystal skull create healing aura in human beings .Yellow Aventurine stone Crystal helps to control power and resolve problems in your life. Religious kart provides all crystals and all crystals Skull in wide rang.
Yellow Aventurine crystal is best crystal for generating healing energy in your body it opens the third eyes chakra in your body.This crystal also generates balancing energy for ying & yang energy and attract good luck ,increase spiritual healing in your life.
It also attracts good fortune for wealth and business.Crystal skull means honoring life,a symbol of great awareness,it represent humanity ,power, initiations,power of courage , meditation and energies the soul of humanity.

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