Amber Stone Meaning and Uses

Amber Stone Meaning

Healing Crystals – Amber Stone Meaning and Uses

General appearance

They are sold in pieces of gilded resin that resemble a piece of crystallized, translucent honey, traversed by cracks, dark spots, and impurities in general. Copies in jewelry, polished or jewelry are also communes. It is not crystalline, but organic, light, warm. It often has insects and crystallized fossils inside. They often sell plastic replicas, or varieties dyed artificially in other colors.

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Easy to get, although the sizes are expensive.


Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Germany, Myanmar, Dominica, Iceland, Finland.

Zodiac sign



Having a purely organic origin, amber has an intense connection with the earth. Powerful healer and cleaner of the environment and the chakras, it absorbs the negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the corporal self-healing. Powerful protector links our self from day to day with the higher spiritual reality. It is related to the “fifth element”. Psychological, amber brings stability to our life, and also motivates us, linking the object of desire with the impulse to achieve it. It’s warm and brilliant energy translates into a solar and spontaneous attitude, which nonetheless respects tradition. It helps to counteract depressive or suicidal tendencies. Mentally it stimulates the intellect, clears the depression and favors a positive mental state, in addition to the creative expression. It provides balance and patience, favors decision making, helps memory. Its flexibility dissolves the opposition. Emotionally, amber favors peace and develops trust, promoting altruism and wisdom. It gives us energy and works as a battery when we are tired, or when we are going to do a job that will take a lot of effort.

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Cleaner and healer of the chakras. Physically it imbues the body with vitality, and it has the power to expel the disease from our body. Absorbs pain and negative energy, allows us to rebalance and heal, also relieving stress. It resonates with the throat, stomach and vesicular organs, relieves joint problems and strengthens mucous membranes. Its elixir is a good natural antibiotic.


On the navel, or on the heart chakra. It is good to wear it for long periods, especially in the throat or wrist.


Amber pendants are ritualized to serve as protective amulets, especially for children. It is usually placed a good piece of amber to enhance rituals and spells in general. A spell against negativity is to light a white candle and place it on the floor, sit in front with a handful of amber beads and form a circle around us. Sitting inside we will recover our energy and we will close ourselves to all external influence. A similar spell is to place 9 small amber beads in a hot tub. We get into the bathtub until the water cools, and then we will dry the amber and store it, or we’ll take it over to the next bathroom. Amber powder is used in rituals to give us strength, energy, vitality, or to attract power, sexuality, and love.

Cleaning and recharging

Sun exposure.

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