Ametrine Stone Meaning and Uses

Ametrine Stone Meaning

Healing Crystals Ametrine Stone Ameaning and Uses

General appearance

Normally it usually comes in the form of small boulders, transparent, of a uniform purple color, to the naked eye very similar to an amethyst, but an orange spot can be seen. Soft, light and warm Sometimes it can have more orange than purple, or be only orange, just purple, or not have much pigmentation.


Easy to get.



Zodiac sign

Gemini, Leo, Pisces.


Like all stones combined, ametrine powerfully combines the power of the amethyst with that of the citrine. It connects the physical realm with the higher consciousness, so it facilitates passage and protects during astral travel. He also has a special gift to “cleanse the head” of tensions, stress, and restlessness, causing more focus during meditation, opening our third eye. Harmonizes perception with action. Strengthens concentration and helps reflect on things, encouraging us to explore all possible solutions and contributing creative resolutions. It enhances the compatibility and acceptance of others. It shows where and how we are all united, allowing the overcoming of prejudices. Its strong energy stimulates creativity and favors the acquisition of control over one’s life and helps overcome our apparent contradictions. Emotionally releases blockages, including “negative emotional programming” and expectations, facilitating the comprehensive transformation of the underlying causes of emotional stress. It also promotes optimism and well-being, without being influenced by external influences. It promotes healing, divination and unites masculine and feminine energies.

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Its ability to reach “the bottom of things”, dissipates the negativity of the aura with its cleansing properties and eliminates toxins from the body. It regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system, and also stimulates the autonomic nervous system by oxygenating the body. Eliminates depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, and other gastric disturbances or headaches that are related to stress. It brings deep-rooted problems to the surface so that they can be communicated and treated.

Amber Stone Meaning


Wear it on the body for long periods of time, on the solar plexus.


Place at the head of the bed, between an orange candle and another purple to avoid nightmares and magic or psychic attacks while we sleep.

Cleaning and recharging

Any less exposure to the sun, as they can lose color.

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