Lapis Lazuli 4Point Energy Generators

Code : EG#002

Gemstone : Lapis Lazuli

Weight : 35 gms

MOQ : 10 pcs

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  • This is a simply stunning energy healing tool. The generator has the energies of seven chakras combined with a powerful Lapiz Lazuli Pyramid point.  A lapiz lazuli pyramid occupies the center and 4 X 6 facet gemstone points extend outward.  It contains 100% Natural Gems cut and finely hand-polished.
  • This generator is perfect for healing, reiki, meditation, and chakra balancing. You may also place this Energy Generator near sunlight at your office desk, living room, or bed-room to charge the space.
  •  It is good for headaches and migraines. It will help problems with the lymphatic system, the ears and eyes and has a calming effect on the central nervous system. As such it will help to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.
  •  Lapis lazuli will help foster a strong sense of family unity and loyalty. It is a stone that will help bring contentment.
  •  Protection: Lapis lazuli is a psychic shield.
  •  Psychic: Use lapis lazuli to inspire meaningful and prophetic dreams. It is a stone of psychic protection.
  •  It will inspire others to trust you and your judgment and help you to maintain your integrity. Lapis lazuli is also beneficial for those seeking promotion.


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