7Chakra With Crystal Quartz Conical Pyramid Energy Generator

Code : EG#001

Gemstone : Chakra Stones

Weight : 80 Grams

MOQ : 10 pcs

Size : 90mm to 120mm

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  • Clear Crystal Quartz conical pyramid in the center  7 Chakra points. This energy Generator has complete 7
    Size: 3.5 inch in diameter Prime Stone: Green Aventuriene & Chakra Stones
    Structure: Clear Crystal Quartz conical pyramid in the center surrounded by 6 facets 7 Chakra points. This energy Generator has complete 7 chakra stones. Metal used in this energy generator is an alloy of brass and other metals.
  • Following are the Chakra stones:Amethyst,Blue Aventurine,Lapis Lazuli,Green Aventurine,Yellow Aventurine,Orange Aventurine,Red Jasper,Feature: Complete 7 Chakra Points with Green Aventuriene   Quality: High Grade Stones finely hand-polished & hand-crafted
  • Uses: Energy Healing tool, Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing/Healing, Point Healing, Aura Cleansing, Natural Healing, Energy Healing, Pranic Healing and other Metaphysical purposes. Place this Energy Generator at your office desk, living room, bed-room and around meditating place to experience the flow of Energies.
  • The conical pyramid shape increases the the natural energy of the crystals around it and directs it to where it needed the most. It is mostly used to repel negativity, it transmits and transforms vital energy, aids meditation, clears impurities and toxins from the energy body as well as the physical, helps with conditions like ear infections, diabetes, obesity, pituitary gland issues, among others. The outside stones, each representing a different Chakra by their color usually vary from Amethyst, Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Citrine Quartz, Jasper Brecciated, Moss Agate, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, and Tiger Eye.Some crystal may vary from piece to piece however all will contain the required stone for all the seven chakras.


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