Crystal Quartz 4Points Energy Generator

Code : EG#007

Gemstone : Crystal Quartz

Weight :35 gms

MOQ : 10 pcs

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  • Crystal Quartz Energy Generator Comprising of Four Crystal Quartz Points and single crystal Quartz Pyramid in the middle. The details figure assists to produce among the most knock-down electropositive energy streams affirmable.
  • Clean Quartz Crystals is the gemstone of option for anybody curious in curing with quartzes because of its capabilty to stock and expand vitality.
  • It has power to broadcast and address affirmative critical energy causes this crystal a superior instrument in serving with the therapeutic of physiologic and mental terms.
  • Crystal Quartz equals a superior crystal for the Crown Chakra and however comprises too adjusted to complete Chakras. Several therapists utilise the quartz crystal pencil in a grid equivalent style positioned around the body to serve in a therapeutic as it repairs and counterbalances the stream of vitality in the physical structure.
  • Additional Qualities:-
  • Absolute coercive to utilise when merged with your intensions.
  • Energises the immune system.
  • Forces back destructive energies.


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