Green Aventurine Merkaba Stars

Code : MS#0010

Size : 15-20 mm

Weight : 5 gms

MOQ : 20 pcs

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Green Aventurine Merkaba Star

  • These Green Aventurine Merkaba (Merkabah) Stars are mined in Northern India and hand-cut by stone cutters there. Merkabas are tetrahedrons, made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids. Just try the energy of these crystals.
  • Merkabas are great tools for working on your spiritual transformation, which some believe is the whole purpose of our existence. Merkabas are believed to form a spiritual shield around the holder.
  • In upper dimensions, the geometric shape of the human energy field is said to be in the shape of a Merkaba. Thus, meditating with a Merkaba helps us to connect with our higher self.
  • In ancient Egyptian, the literal translation of Merkaba is broken down by syllable to mean Mer-rotating fields of light, Ka-spirit, and Ba-soul. One of the Sacred Geometry forms, The Merkaba is believed to achieve transformation on all levels of existence. In Hebrew, Merkaba literally means “Chariot”.
  • These Merkabas are enhanced by contributing the helpful energies of Green Aventurine. Using Green Aventurine Merkabas may help you to break-up negative energies dwelling in the heart, soul and mind and to create a field of loving energy around you.
  • These Green Aventurine Merkabas may help to clear, activate and strengthen the Heart Chakra, allowing one to feel the universal force of love that connects everything.
  • *Our crystal merkabas are measured from top-to-End*
  • Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Merkaba - Green Aventurine Merkaba Star (India)
  • Properties for Stone: Green Aventurine
  • Primary Chakra: Heart Chakra
  • Crystal System: Trigonal Crystal System
  • Chemical Composition: (SiO2)_Silicon_Dioxide_with_inclusions_of_Mica
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus, Virgo
  • Numerical Vibration: Number 3
  • Hardness: 7 Hardness
  • Color: Green
  • Location: Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa
  • Rarity: Common
  • Pronunciation: green uh-VEN-chur-een
  • Color: Green
  • Location: India
  • Shape: Merkabas, Stars
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