Elephant jasper(Mariyam)Merkaba Stars

Code : MS#0011

Size : 15-20 mm

Weight : 5 gms

MOQ : 20 pcs

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  • Connects the solar plexus chakra with the third-eye for powerful mystic vision.
  • Use in Assimilating life force energy, Akashic Records Access, Past Life Recall, Reiki, Meditation, Visualizations, Wicca, Altar.
  • Metaphysical Properties
  • Found only in two places in the world, India and Persia.
  • Compressed by the incredible energy forces of mother earth. It promotes introspection, dissolves negative energy, and is useful for work in past life regression as well as contacting one’s spirit guides and angels, particularly through automatic writing.
  • Also called Miriam Stone, Alchemist, Elephant Skin Jasper, Sea Fossil or Script Stone
  • This stone is also called Script Stone, and Elephant Skin Jasper. Additional names I have seen include Mariam, Indian Script Stone, Arabic Script Stone, and Elephant Jasper.But i like the name Calligraphers stone.
  • There is a bunch of conflicting information from normally reliable sources about this stone. What everyone agrees on is that it comes from India, it is fossil material of some type, and the two different colors are of different hardnesses.
  • There is no agreement as to whether it is fossilized grasses & reeds, fossilized shell, or some combination of both. Some sources say it is a jasper and other sources say it is not really a jasper but a mixture of shells, sand, and limonite.Enjoy it as its a intruging stone.


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