Green Flourite Facetted Massage Wands

Code  :  FM#0019

Gem stone :  Green Flourite

Size  :  3.5 – 6 Inch (16 faceted)

Weight  : As Per MOQ

MOQ  :  1 Kg

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This polished faceted Green Fluorite massager is used for healing, meditations, crystal grids and energy work.They are used for both massage and crystal healing, this Green Fluorite point massager is rounded on one end for massage and pointed on the other to help you in directing energy. The shape allows you to grasp it and use it in massaging sore muscles as well as directing energy within the aura. It is traditionally used for clearing blockages in energy, channeling energy, and otherwise promoting healing.

Green Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, self love, truth, protection, and brings peace. It protects psychically and in the physical realm. It helps one meditate and learn to go past the cluttered thoughts that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. Green Fluorite clears the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity and any sort of astral ‘hangers on’ who are making mischief in one’s environment.  It can assist one in thinking clearly and in making subtle but important discriminations regarding the kinds of energies and people one will allow into one’s world. For those who need to make many clear-headed choices in quick succession in order to navigate the waters of their lives. Fluorite can be an important ally. Physically it helps general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems.

All colors are also good for auric cleansing. Green fluorite is an excellent all purpose healing stone that promotes healing on all levels. It also promotes self-love. Green Fluorite, can cleanse and heal the heart chakra and can help make certain that the plans of the mind are approved by the heart. It is balancing to the third-eye chakra and to mental energies in general.

For clearing one’s energy field, Fluorite harmonizes well with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Jet and Obsidian.. For enhancement of mental ability, lapis. Lolite and Golden Labradorite  are important aids.


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